From the country of long-livers. Tested by time. Proven by science.

Home of Moriamin Forte is Japan. It is commonly known that this country boasts high quality standards for any manufactured product and detailed scientific researches. Japan medical science is rightly seen as a leader in the state-of-art technologies and innovations. Healthy lifestyle traditions combined with advanced experience and sophistication make Japan the country of long-livers, having the longest average life expectancy worldwide.

The history of Moriamin Forte began in 1956 in Japan’s most progressive and innovative pharmaceutical company of the day – Morishita Pharmaceutical. Scientists of the company research department managed to create a the then-unique and advanced technology of amino acid purification. Using this technology, it was possible to obtain amino acids in a crystal-clear solution for the first time ever. Further development allowed obtaining the pure amino acids not only in the form of solution but also in a more convenient granular form.
Over the past decades Moriamin Forte has had a more than semicentenary history of successful application. Moriamin Forte is one of the oldest and time-honored products!

Clinical trials, conducted in major medical centers, proved demonstratively that Moriamin Forte is a safe and nontoxic product. Toxicity studies showed a total absence of toxic effects even at doses, multiply exceeding the maximum recommended human dose. Please, refer to the Researches section to check out the clinical trials information you are interested in.