In addition to multiple unique characteristics and benefits Moriamin Forte posses three major advantages beneficial compared to other similar products. These major advantages are directly aligned with purpose and use of the product.

Unique composition

Composition having no analogues in the world.

Granular form

The most unique and major advantage of Moriamin Forte is utilization of the granulation technology, providing more complete intake of the product’s ingredients.

Moriamin Forte represents an encapsulated combination of 7 types of granules.of different colors. Dissolution rate of each granule type is carefully calculated to allow the dissolution within the prescribed time and in certain regions of gastrointestinal tract. As a result the amino acids and vitamins, which can be found in Moriamin Forte, are absorbed in the blood stream slowly and as much as possible, providing 98% bioavailability! So far, such a high bioavailability is completely unattainable for other amino acid and vitamin complexes!

Distribution of active ingredients in the granules of Moriamin Forte furthermore provides a very short time to maximum blood amino acid concentration after the product administration – about 20-30 minutes.

As opposed to Moriamin Forte most amino acid and vitamin complexes are manufactured in traditional presentation. Due to this active substances can’t get fully digested by body and also dissolve in completely unsuitable regions of the gastrointestinal tract. Moreover some components can negatively influence each other during simultaneous dissolution. For example:
- Vitamin В12 dhould dissolve in stomach in acid media;
- Vitamin C can disrupt bioactivity of vitamin B12, so both vitamins should enter the body separately;
- Vitamin B1 digestion is inhibited by such trace elements as calcium and magnesium;
- Vitamin B6 is only slightly digested in small intestine. If this vitamin is released before entering duodenum, it’s bioavailability is next to nothing.

Granular form of Moriamin Forte offers the possibility to eliminate disadvantages, common for the most amino acid and vitamin complexes.

Clinically proved efficiency

Moriamin Forte is a pharmaceutical product. It means that beneficial effects of the product were repeatedly proved and documented. Moriamin Forte efficiency was confirmed by multiple large-scale clinical studies and trials. To check out the detailed clinical trials information, please, refer to the Researches section.

As opposed to Moriamin Forte most amino acid and vitamin complexes are not classified as “pharmaceutical products” and are not subject to mandatory clinical trials. The efficiency of such complexes is not scientifically proved and is doubtful in many cases.